How do you deal with the terrible twos age group? Toddlers can be enough to stress out even seasoned parents. One of the Alabama Extension specialists shares her tips and tricks on how to parent toddlers.

“Toddlers and two-year-olds want to try out the use of their growing independence and power,” said Dr. Ellen Abell, who serves as an Alabama Extension specialist in human development and family studies. “Saying no and showing resistance or defiance is a sign that they are growing normally.  This is great for a child’s development, but challenging for parents. It’s difficult for parents to balance the needs their children have to try out their wings while at the same time keeping them safe and teaching them better ways to respond and behave.”

Abell cites patience, awareness, enthusiasm and humor as traits that parents of toddlers must have. She also adds that it is important to keep everything in perspective.

“Parents often think they aren’t doing a good job if their children don’t act the way they should. No matter how great parents are at parenting, children will make mistakes and poor choices. When parents feel responsible for all of their child’s misbehavior, their stress will rise. The higher that stress goes, the harder it is for parents to manage themselves. This can result in parenting behavior that is harsh and punitive.  However, lots of research shows that children who are most cooperative and well behaved have parents who find ways to stay positive, warm and loving and who clearly let children know what behavior is expected of them.”

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