Sometimes you can wind up with a few extra hours in a semester, whether it comes from dropping a class or graduating early. Auburn University has some easy and fun offerings for when you just can’t stand to take another major class. Here are the top five fun and easy classes at Auburn University to take if you can fit them into your schedule.

Active Auburn

Active Auburn is a two-hour physical education class that encourages students to take advantage of the group fitness classes offered at the new Recreation and Wellness Center. Active Auburn requires you to attend three fitness classes each week. Participants can choose from kickboxing, meditation, yoga, cycling, and more. The class is technically online, and does involve a small amount of reading quizzes online. The best part? You’re getting fit while getting a great grade!


Bowling is a great class for those who are looking to make some friends and improve their bowling skills. You’ll actually spend your class period bowling, which is so much better than listening to a boring lecture. Bowling is an easy sport to pick up, and relies little on athletic prowess. It’s also great for those of us who want to get in some exercise, but aren’t very athletic. This class fills up fast, so don’t count on taking it until you’re an upperclassman.


Self-defense is a skill everyone can use. You’ll learn defensive moves from trained professionals that could potentially save your life. The class is taught in a friendly, safe environment to ensure the comfort of participants. For your final, you have to fight off two off-duty police officers – while blindfolded. Everyone’s final is recorded and shown during the last class of the semester, and students love to bring in snacks and laugh at the videos.

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