CMT interns

Celebrities, Collectables, and Cody – How CMT Interns Created #12DaysOfGiving

Being an intern at CMT has amazing perks – we get to work on huge events, see celebs around the office, and create content for one of the top channels in the country (Party Down South anyone?). However, the best perk is the opportunity to truly make a difference in our community. Viacom encourages employees… Read more »

UAH HOT Coffee meeting (courtesy of Violet Edwards)

How Huntsville Can Be Launch City with UAH ICE Lab

Editor’s note: This article was originally written in August 2014. Photos are courtesy of Violet Edwards. Several big names have been coming to Huntsville lately, including Remington, Cabela’s and Whole Foods. However, a local group is encouraging a more home-grown approach to economic development. The Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship (ICE) Lab is an initiative by… Read more »

Skills PR students need to get hired

4 Skills PR Students Need to Get Hired (And How to Get Them)

Public relations is a competitive industry, and it’s essential to become the best job candidate possible. While the basics of PR will never change (great writing, solid communication skills and the ability to multi-task like a champ), learning these skills will help you land your dream job. 1. Social Media If a company posts on… Read more »

Dad and son walking outdoors at ocean (photo courtesy of ACES)

Terrible Twos – How to Parent Toddlers

How do you deal with the terrible twos age group? Toddlers can be enough to stress out even seasoned parents. One of the Alabama Extension specialists shares her tips and tricks on how to parent toddlers. “Toddlers and two-year-olds want to try out the use of their growing independence and power,” said Dr. Ellen Abell,… Read more »

Auburn University group fitness class (photo courtesy of Auburn University Campus Recreation).

Fun and Easy Classes at Auburn University

Sometimes you can wind up with a few extra hours in a semester, whether it comes from dropping a class or graduating early. Auburn University has some easy and fun offerings for when you just can’t stand to take another major class. Here are the top five fun and easy classes at Auburn University to… Read more »

Southern Eagles Soaring

Gliding Through the Blue Skies with Southern Eagles Soaring

On a sunny November day deep in the back roads of Warm Springs, Ga., a young man is flying with the birds. As his plane touches down on the runway, a small group cheers. Southern Eagles Soaring has just had a member accomplish their first solo flight in their new facility. Southern Eagles Soaring (SES) is… Read more »

Hotel staff prepares the gingerbread village.

The Yummiest Village on the Plains

The Loveliest Village on the Plains will soon be recreated in gingerbread as The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center prepares to hold an unveiling of the Gingerbread Village on Thursday, Dec. 4. An annual event, the first Auburn gingerbread village was created in 2009. At the time, it featured only three buildings… Read more »

Contestants battle it out on Survivor.

6 Ways College is like a Reality TV Show

Reality television is often dismissed as shallow and useless. However, I believe that reality shows can provide some useful lessons on how to make the most out of college. You meet a lot of characters, but don’t judge them on their first impression. College is full of kooky characters. From the professor that’s obsessed with… Read more »

Cattle out to pasture

Helping Cattle Producers Market Cattle

Cattle are big business in Alabama, and savvy cattlemen are making the most of their livestock by improving their marketing efforts. The Alabama Cooperative Extension System works with cattle producers in the state to help them get the most dollars for their product and to market cattle more effectively. They offer help with sales, marketing, vaccination schedules, record-keeping and… Read more »


How to Have a Healthy Halloween (It Can Be Done!)

Halloween has turned into a celebration of refined sugar. It can be difficult to help children make healthy decisions, especially when they don’t want to miss out on the fun of trick-or-treating with friends. Two Alabama Extension nutrition professionals have tips to make Halloween a fun and healthy celebration that children will love. “Treasures, not treats” is… Read more »

  • A student struggles to stay on a mechanical pumpkin.

    Auburn’s Spookiest New Tradition

    Auburn University’s newest tradition might just scare you. Tiger Nights: Spooks and Stripes will be held on Friday, Oct. 24. The large-scale event regularly attracts hundreds of people, and offers free food and activities for Auburn University students. This will be the fourth annual Spooks and Stripes event. Tiger Nights was recently recognized as a… Read more »

  • A puppy yawns after a hard day of work with CPS.

    The Best Volunteer Job Ever

    One of the most common gripes among college students is that we all miss our pets back home. We’re desperate for animal interaction, going so far as to Facetime our cats and begging our friends with dogs to let us visit. A local program is making waves for the opportunity to give back to the… Read more »

  • The AUMB practices for a performance.

    What It’s Really like to Be in the Auburn University Marching Band

    My proudest college accomplishment isn’t my plethora of resume-boosting activities, or my GPA. It’s the time I’ve served as a member of the Auburn University Marching Band (AUMB). Last season, we received national attention for our discipline after a video started circulating of the AUMB playing after the crazy Iron Bowl finish. Many expressed surprise… Read more »

  • The Celebrity Stylist on Campus tour will stop at Auburn University.

    People StyleWatch Brings Hollywood Glamour to Auburn University

    People StyleWatch is embarking on a national tour to revolutionize the college fashion scene. Celebrity Stylist on Campus will be at Auburn University on Tuesday, Sept. 30 from 12 to 6 p.m. Joiee Thorpe, who has previously worked with Scarlett Johansson and other celebrities, will show students how to make the most of their waradrobe…. Read more »